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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Affordable Housing For Darnall

Darnall Forum is campaigning to get more affordable housing in Darnall.

Neil Parry of the East End Quality of Life initiative, said, 'Since we first decided to launch this campaign, affordable housing has moved much higher up the political agenda, because the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has identified low cost housing as “one of the greatest causes of our time.”'

'The government is now saying they want to build three million new homes by 2020 and have a zero carbon footprint for new houses by 2015. But will they be affordable for the people of Darnall?'

Anne Shirling of Darnall Forum said, 'Staniforth Road has three bedroom town houses for sale starting at £204,000, which is well beyond the reach of many local people. One of the focuses of the campaign is to see whether it will now be possible for the Council to look at building more social housing as part of any further developments.'

Neil Parry said, 'We think affordable housing in the form of shared ownership or rented homes should be an important part of any new developments in Darnall. We are expecting over 1000 homes to be built here in the next few years and we believe they should be environmentally friendly so that they help to reduce fuel bills and contribute to reducing the effects of climate change. The recent Neighbourhood Development Framework published by the City Council calls for new developments to be carbon neutral and we must be firm about this.’

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