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Monday, 21 April 2008

Are You A Wednesday or United Fan?

Dear Darnall Forum,

I've got a favour to ask. I am currently researching the United-Wednesday football rivalry in Sheffield and would like to get a perspective on this from the black and Asian communities. I thought Darnall would be a good place to start.

If you know any ethnic minority United or Wednesday fans, could you please circulate this questionnaire to them, to be returned to your email address and forwarded to me? There are 16 questions in total. Thanks in advance, Joe

1. Name (optional):
2. Male / Female:
3. Ethnic origin:
4. Where in Sheffield do you live?
5. Do you support United or Wednesday?
6. At what age did you go to your first match?
7. Who did you go with?
8. Did you find it an intimidating place? Were there any other non-white faces there?
9. What did your parents think about your interest in football?
10. Did you try to persuade other non-white friends to come to matches as well?
11. Do you think the traditional 'drinking culture' of football fans is a problem for Muslims who might be interested in going?
12. Among ethnic minority kids in your area, would you say there is more support for United & Wednesday or Man United & Liverpool?
13. Among ethnic minority fans, how strong is the United-Wednesday rivalry?
14. Do you think United and Wednesday would attracted more black and Asian support if a local black or Asian lad made it into the first team?
15. Would you say there has traditionally been a strong link between hooliganism and black and Asian fans? Is this changing?
16. Do you think that some parts of the ground are 'safer' than others? Do you feel as though you have to 'blend in' with the white majority?

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