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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lord Mayor to Visit Darnall Carnival on Saturday

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Cllr Peter Rippon, will visit Darnall Carnival at 1pm on Saturday. He will be met by children from Greenlands School, who will lead him into High Hazels Park where the event is taking place from 12 till 5. Attractions include an array of music and dance artists, Elijah, Immi, Raxstar, Rita, the Romano Jilo Dance Group, Shak Illmatik, Shide Boss, SunAash and TazZ, as well as stalls, rides, information, food and other attractions.

The event is organised by the Friends of High Hazels Park with the support of Darnall Forum and funding from Awards For All, British Land and Meadowhall, Sheffield Town Trust, J G Graves' Charitable Trust and Darnall Area Trust Fund.

Last year 5,000 people visited the Carnival and if the threat of light rain showers holds off, similar crowds are anticipated again, with the largest attraction being the afternoon performance by some of the UK's leading Bhangra music artists. However, there will be plenty to do for all the family.


Unknown said...

I have lived at the entrance of the park for 50 years. NONE of the residents of senior road received ANY publicity from you about the carnival.!

Nothing at all.

I was unable to park outside my home AND when trying to find a space was told to "fuck off whites arent welcome here, this is a moslem festival"

I will ask you to send me ALL copies of your publicity PLUS proof that you did advise local residents about this event.

I HAVE contacted the police and I have a crime number that I will be using to launch a legal complaint.

Please send me copies of you adverts. Please explain why you did NOT notify residents. Please explain why people attending were told this was for muslims and as a result I experienced racist abuse and "THREATENED" with attack that chased me from my home.


I await your answers. I intend to publish your replies on the internet as I have already uploaded the video and audio of threats I have had today.

I want to know WHY you did NOT get legal approval from ME from what you said in your leaflets.

I would like to know what your companys policy IS about at risk minorities.

AS a "at risk minority" YOU put me in DANGER yesterday.

I am going live on face book, I have contacted the lord mayor's to ask if they were MISLED.

Unknown said...

Sorry, i am only a lady who has lived here from birth! NO one told me about this event. I was sworn at , threatened with violence. Told that this was for muslims and so i should "fuck of"

I was told I should "piss off out of their home" !

This is MY home and this will go further !

Darnall Forum said...

Hello April. I am assuming that is your real name as we do not publish anonymous comments.

The firm who printed the leaflets about the Carnival and arranged for their delivery to residents in Darnall tell us that they did leaflet all of the residents in Senior Road. However, on one side the leaflet tells you about our adult learning courses and about the post office. On the other side is the notice about the Carnival, so you may have put the leaflet in the bin thinking it did not interest you.

The event was also advertised on this blog, on Twitter and via the media.

The unpleasant remarks made to you are a matter for the police and do not concern Darnall Forum or the Friends of High Hazels Park. The event was not a Muslim festival and we had many White performers and stall holders taking part, including the Humanist Society.

I hope you will come along if the Carnival happens again, as the event is intended to bring all the communities in Darnall together.