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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Reducing the Impact of Fly-tipping in Darnall

A partnership of voluntary and statutory organisations, who meet together in the Darnall Ward Environment Forum - are looking for ways to drastically reduce fly-tipping. Every year fly-tipping costs the tax payers of Darnall an average of £29 each to clean up.

Ideas we are looking at for reducing fly-tipping, and cutting the cost of removing it, are

  • sowing wildflowers or planting shrubs in vulnerable locations to 'prettify' them so that the fly-tippers feel more guilty about dumping things there and look for somewhere else to go
  • recruiting volunteers to look after planters and shrubs to make fly-tipping hotspots look cared for and not neglected
  • recruiting volunteers to look out for and note down vehicle registration numbers and other ways of identifying the culprits
  • enlisting local businesses to help us
  • raising the awareness of local children about the problem of fly-tipping, so they can encourage the adults they know to behave better
These are not final solutions to the problem but ideas for giving people a nudge so that they behave a bit more considerately, at least when they are in Darnall and Tinsley.

Which of these ideas do you like the most?

Do you have any other ideas which we could try out? Don't worry if your idea seems a bit wacky, (so long as it doesn't actually involve whacking fly-tippers!) We want as many new ideas as possible.

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