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Monday, 17 October 2016

Minutes of the Darnall Forum AGM 5 October 2016

Attendance – 14 people

Apologies two apologies had been received. The death of a former member of the Board was reported to the meeting. Condolences had already been sent from the Board. It was resolved to send a card to a member of staff who is unwell.

The Minutes of the 2015 AGM were agreed to be a true record.

Matters Arising
ACTIONS from last year’s AGM – Zahira was going to try to arrange a meeting with the person elected to lead the Roma community, and to the Madrasa and also to the ladies at the Subud Centre about helping to clear up litter, however she wasn’t present to report because she was at a Council meeting which had overrun. Lucy did not know who had been elected to lead the Roma Community but a lot of positive work has happened through Darnall Well Being (DWB). She is still waiting to hear about continuation funding. Good use has been made of Darnall Community Development Centre.

The financial report, which is part of the annual report and accounts for 2015, was adopted. Neil B was asked what is happening to the Forum’s income in 2016. He said it is falling, mainly because we have received £21,000 less from the Council this year but only found out about the reduction in August so it was very hard to budget for it. The Forum needs to receive upfront payment from the Council for its remaining contract if it is to be able to cashflow its work and the councillors have undertaken to ask about this.
ACTION: It was resolved to contact the chief executive of the council, John Mothersole, to ask for a meeting. Sylvia Hamilton offered to join a delegation to see him.

The Trustees’ Annual Report for 2015, including the Chair’s Report was adopted. The councillors had said that all the local charities based in Darnall should join together but – although this might some of our operating reduce costs – it overlooks the fact that each organisation is part of wide networks, in the NHS, and in local Church or community networks which need a hub where their network is focused. The councillors have been made aware that organisations closing will be a loss to the communities they serve but they have no solutions to offer.

ACTION: It was resolved that the community be asked to sign a petition to the Council about the risk to the post office if Darnall Forum has to sell it. Community members also need to email or text their councillors about their concerns. It was also resolved to call a public meeting.

Elections & Appointment of Auditors There are currently three vacancies for the Board and these were not filled. Sam Nicholson of Nicholson & Co was adopted as the independent examiner for 2016.

Local issues – Future ownership of the post office: it was noted that local people are being invited to join the staff in buying the post office from the Charity.

AOB – The AGM of the Family Development Project is at 4pm on Tuesday 18 October. The DWB AGM is at 5pm on 15 November in the Primary Care Centre. All are welcome.

ACTION: Copies of the petition and the newsletter to be distributed at these meetings.

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