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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Customer Service Awarded Presented to Darnall Post Office Staff

Darnall Forum staff with the national award for customer service presented to Darnall Post Office. The picture shows Matthew, one of our customer service advisers, with our post office manager Donna and Darnall Forum CEO Neil. The award was made for giving the best advice in the UK to customers sending mail during the lead-up to Christmas. Staff also came second in a national competition to help Post Office customers send priority mails to their own friends, customers and relatives during December.

Tinsley Then & Now

The group at Northern CollegeWomen living in Tinsley were interested in what it was like to live in Tinsley in the past. They wanted to know how Tinsley got to be the way it is today.  Our community organiser, Zahira Naz, approached the Workers Education Association to run a course for us. 

'Tinsley Then and Now' was funded as part of the WEA ‘Digability’ project. The course was attended by 12 learners over ten weeks and it was very successful. 

We looked at historic maps and photos and visited Northern College and Heeley City Farm for an introduction to experimental archaeology and archaeological finds. We also visited the archaeological excavation taking place at Tinsley Junior  School through the Heritage Lottery Fund project called ‘Exploring Tinsley Manor’ and we went to Sheffield Museum to see the Bronze Age boat found in Tinsley and for a behind-the-scenes  tour showing  how museums work.

For more information contact Zahira on 0114 249 0099 or send us an email or a tweet.

Swimming boosts the health of women in Tinsley

Swimming positively affects many aspects of our lives. Whilst out door-knocking, our community organiser Zahira met Rozina, who wanted to see swimming sessions started in Tinsley for ladies.  Rozina explained that she wanted to learn to swim as she heard it be good for her asthma but had never been in a swimming pool. She explained that many of her female friends and acquaintances had never been swimming either, due to barriers such as mixed swim sessions, male lifeguards, the expense and a lack of transport.

Zahira contacted Sportive, who gave her some funding to run swimming sessions.  She was lucky to be able to book the swimming baths at Zest, who agreed to provide a women-only swimming session staffed by women lifeguards and swimming instructors.

She also secured some money for transport! The news spread like wild fire, and before we knew 30 local women wanted to attend the sessions!!  In addition, we soon had a reserve list of ladies who wanted to get involved.

Rozina has since become one of our community volunteers and altogether 74 women and girls from Tinsley have attended the swim sessions.

For more information please contact Zahira Naz, Community Organiser for Darnall and Tinsley, on 0114 249 0099 or send us an email or a tweet.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Post Office Wins More Prizes!

Darnall Post Office has won two more national awards - to add to its past achievement of being the best performing Agency branch in the UK in 2011. This time the awards are for advising customers on the best way to send their parcels and letters. We were the best performing agency branch in the 'parcels and letters' category in the run-up to Christmas, and our staff came second in a nationwide Post Office competition to provide the best customer service to people sending important or valuable items by post.

Letters and parcels are a big part of what we do. If you would like good advice and excellent customer service we are at 245 Main Road, Darnall, which is on the Sheffield Ring Road.