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Thursday, 2 September 2021

Please sign the petition - Stop cuts to community led learning in Sheffield

 Community Organisations (including Darnall Forum) across Sheffield have relied on funding from Sheffield Council for the last 15 Years to underpin Community Support for local people.

Whether you want to update a CV, learn a new skill, gain basic English, Maths, IT or Digital Skills - we've been here for you; if you have done this in a friendly local venue, helped by staff from your own community, you have been helped by this funding and by local community organisations. 

The Council have proposed changes to this funding that will result in the loss of jobs, lack of local classes designed in conjunction with and to support local people and a potential loss of community organisations that are able to give information, advice and guidance. Other services such as childcare, food bank referrals, drop-in sessions are all at risk if this goes ahead.

Proposed cuts to Community Organisations:

Sheffield City Council released the invitation to tender last Tuesday (20th July). With no prior notice that the tender would be extremely different this time around. The original deadline was given as 6th August. Thanks to the support so far SCC did extend this and offered a briefing on curriculum development on August 10th.

Essentially, there is no longer core funding for a learning champion. The learning champion is the person out and about, talking to people where they are, finding out what they need. They then arrange the courses, enrol people on, support them during and after the class, workshop or course. But to get some people to that point takes work - the learning champion might help someone sort childcare, talk to them about getting a bus pass - help them help themselves to overcome whatever barriers they may be facing.

The loss of this and the way the process has happened is completely at odds with the messages coming from the council recently – collaboration, co-designing services, building a new relationship and equitable partnership with the voluntary and community sector. 

The key issues:

  1. No prior communication of the nature of the changes being made to the funding model - which puts community organisations and their services at risk.
  2. Across Sheffield there are at least 19 staff now at risk of redundancy - these redundancies remove the key figures in Community Adult Learning.
  3. We are concerned it will impact on many of the most vulnerable members of our community - those that depend on local community organisations for education, socialisation and access to vital services that support them to achieve their personal goals. 

The Ask:
We seek an urgent meeting with Terry, Paul, and Kate to discuss the following with providers:

  1. Pause the process or change the timescale to give providers more time - This was achieved and we did get a short extension to the deadline however this was not funded and the contracts still ended on July 31st
  2. or extend our current contracts for 12 months to enable us to transition to the new model
  3. If the issues lie with Sheffield City Region (SCR), Sheffield City Council (SCC) to organise a meeting with providers, SCR and SCC leadership to understand the issues and to co-produce the solutions. We did get a meeting with SCC who listened to our concerns - but if SCC maintain the issue is with SCR then we need to be supported to have a meeting with both about the process.
By clicking on this link you will be taken to ''.  You will see the same information as above but more importantly, you will see the link that allows you to sign the petition.  We need as many local people as we can to sign this to stop these cuts and allow us and other community led organisation throughout Sheffield to continue to provide the vital education that our communities need.



Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Olympic Legacy Park - Have your say!

 We have been asked to share the following information regarding a survey being undertaken about the views of residents regarding Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park.

“We would like to invite you to complete a short survey to explain how you feel about your local area as a resident living or working near to Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park. The survey is intended to understand how the proposed masterplan can support the local community and enhance the surrounding area. The findings of this survey will be used to inform our development plans going forward.


This is an electronic survey which can be accessed by the following link:

Please note that this link is case sensitive. The survey closes on Friday 17th September.”

Friday, 30 July 2021

Thursday, 8 July 2021



Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Covid Vaccination Centre


Covid bus


The NHS COVID BUS is coming to Darnall, Darnall Education Centre 1.30-5pm on the 26th of June (this Saturday)


On the day they will offer


-Supported lateral flow tests with your results in 30 minutes

-Free take home LFD test kits

-Free leaflets and self-isolation packs

Wednesday, 16 June 2021



Friday, 11 June 2021

Vacancy - Irving Street Motors

 Hi everyone

Darnall's very own Irving Street Motors are looking for a mechanic.  This person needs to be either semi-skilled or skilled in motor mechanics.  If you are interested please email your CV to (clearly marked with 'Mechanic' in the subject line) who will pass them on.



Monday, 24 May 2021

Bogus Callers

 We have received details regarding Bogus Callers operating in this area.  Please be vigilant and follow the advice below given by our local policing team.

Bogus callers try to get into your home or obtain personal details by pretending to be someone they’re not, including council staff, charity collectors, meter readers and water board officials. In reality, they are criminals trying to steal money and valuables.

How can you protect myself from doorstep crime?

  • Be on guard if someone turns up unexpectedly.
  • Keep front and back doors locked.
  • Use the door viewer or nearby window when answering the door.
  • Fit a door chain or bar – use it and keep it on when talking to callers at the door.
  • If you’re not sure, don’t answer the door.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed – genuine callers expect you to be careful.
  • Only let callers in if they have an appointment and you have confirmed they are genuine.
  • Always ask for identification badges of anyone you answer the door to, but don’t rely on them. Identity cards can be faked – phone the company with a phone number from the yellow pages to verify their identity.
  • Some companies offer a password system. Ask your utility providers if this can be used and if you have a password with a company make sure the caller uses it.
  • Never let people try to persuade you to let them into your home even if they are asking for help – they may not be genuine. If someone is persistent, ask them to call at another time and arrange for a friend or family member to be with you.
  • Never agree to pay for goods or give money to strangers who arrive at your door.
  • Don’t keep large amounts of money in your home.
  • Remember, it’s your home. There’s no reason why anyone should ever enter your home against your wishes.
  • If in doubt, KEEP THEM OUT!


Please be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity via 101

Friday, 14 May 2021

Room Hire


Room Hire

Do you need a room for meeting or event?

Do you need it in a central location in Darnall?


We can offer per hour, ½ day or full day.


Call us for details.




Amazon Smile

Did you know that not only can you support us by clicking the donate button above, you can also support us when doing your shopping through Amazon Smile.

If you are like me and do a lot of your shopping through Amazon, can I urge you to us Amazon Smile instead.  Using the link below, this will take you to the normal amazon shopping site, but gives you the opportunity to select us as the charity you want to support.  IT DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING!

That's right!  Amazon will give us a donation based on the amount of shopping you do, without it costing you anything more.  You still get the same great value goods and pay for them in the same way, then Amazon will do the rest in giving us a percentage of your total bill 

Use the link below and add it to your bookmarks for easy access.



Sheffield Council, IKEA and The Woodland Trust


This year, IKEA Sheffield are taking on an exciting pilot partnership with the Woodland Trust and Sheffield City Council, to fight climate change and raise awareness of the importance of green spaces across South Yorkshire.


As part of the launch of IKEA Sheffield's latest, local partnership with The Woodland Trust, we'd love to gain insight on your favourite outdoor places! Are you green fingered? Enjoy looking after plants and animals, or going on woodland walks at the weekend? We'd love to hear all about it!


IKEA are very much concerned for caring about the many people and the planet. We look for opportunities where we can create a positive environmental impact, support the learning and development of children and have a significant impact on the living conditions of the most vulnerable. This year, IKEA Sheffield are taking on an exciting partnership with the Woodland Trust and Sheffield City Council, to fight climate change and raise awareness of the importance of green spaces across South Yorkshire.


The survey should take 5 minutes and will give us great insight into all things trees, woodland and climate change! Your thoughts on green spaces across Sheffield will help to shape the partnership and make a direct positive environmental impact in Sheffield. 


Together, we can create a better everyday life for the many people and the planet.


Survey link Trees, woodland and green spaces! (

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Supporting Local Business

 Here at Darnall Forum, we recognise that the local economy should get the attention it deserves.  We have lots of small businesses operating in our local area that sometimes go unnoticed as they are not big enough to compete with big business.  We are therefore championing small local business to encourage you all to shop local.

Our next business is 'Every moment matters' .  The best thing I can say about this local business is for you to visit their Face Book page and just see some of the amazing things they can do with photos, frames, images.  I've had a look and I think they are great.  For obvious reasons I'm not going to put any pictures on here (need the relevant permissions), please go and look at their Face Book Page for more information by searching for Every Moment matters.

Supporting Local Business

Here at Darnall Forum, we recognise that the local economy should get the attention it deserves.  We have lots of small businesses operating in our local area that sometimes go unnoticed as they are not big enough to compete with big business.  We are therefore championing small local business to encourage you all to shop local.

Our next business is Wood's Property Services.  They are a local cleaning and property maintenance company, this is what their website says:

'We are one of Sheffield's leading professional cleaning companies with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottingham. We are a family run business and we

provide high quality office cleaning, end of tenancy, builders cleaning and many more services for businesses of all sizes at very competitive prices.

We offer flexible, cleaning services and fully managed services 7 days a week. With a priority given to customer loyalty and staff retention, Wood’s Property Services is proud to have a large number of long term clients and employees who have contributed to the company's growth in South Yorkshire. 

By choosing Wood’s Property Services you can be rest assured that your facility will be impeccably maintained and will reflect the professional image you wish to project to your clients and employees, we believe that client satisfaction is the key to our success'.

So if you need any property maintenance or cleaning why not contact them:

Phone: 0114 243 2988

Mobile: 07582 868 538


Monday, 26 April 2021

Supporting Local Business.

 Here at Darnall Forum, we recognise that the local economy should get the attention it deserves.  We have lots of small businesses operating in our local area that sometimes go unnoticed as they are not big enough to compete with big business.  We are therefore championing small local business to encourage you all to shop local.

Our first such business is the 'Funky Cake Corner' based on Eleanor Street.  This is a family run business who make bespoke cakes and cupcakes at very reasonable prices and everything is made fresh, with gluten free options available!  Their prices are very competitive and judging by the photos below, their cakes are very tasty!.  Why not give them a try and support your local businesses.  Contact them on 07861913223

Friday, 23 April 2021

Relocation of York Road Surgery


York Road Surgery are relocating

York Road surgery (part of the Baslow Road & Shoreham Street Group) who are currently situated in Darnall Health Centre on York Road, are relocating today in Darnall Primary Care Centre on Main Road. The surgery will continue to provide services and be operational from Monday 26th April and be renamed as ‘Darnall Hall Surgery’


The phone number is staying the same 0114 2448357 and you will still see the familiar same faces as you did.


The practice are excited for this move and hope it will enable them to continue if not enhance patient services.


The practice will still have restrictions in place due the ongoing pandemic and should you require any additional information, please visit the website

Are interested in working in Uniformed Services or the Fitness Industry and aged 16-25?

 Learning Curve Group are a Training Provider, with Military and Fitness Academies in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Sheffield. We have been successfully running our academies for 9 years now. Our full-time courses are designed to get students ready for a career in either the Military or Sports/Fitness industry with very little classroom work, we focus more on fitness activities and practical work.  


The Uniformed Services Academy in Sheffield is a part of Learning Curve Group, the people dedicated to transforming lives through learning. We put our experience to work to help find the path that is right the Learners, whether that’s in the Royal Navy or Air Force, Armed Forces, Police, or Fire Brigade. Our courses have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and will equip Learners with skills not only for a job, but for life. These courses include fieldcraft, physical fitness, drill, first-aid, map reading, and many more. This will prepare Learners to deal with all the challenges ahead. In our Sheffield Academy we currently offer Pre-Uniformed Services Level 1 and Level 2, and Sports Level 1.


Our courses are nationally accredited, fully funded and available for individuals aged 16-25. We assist with applying for bursaries for those under 18, and from August 2021 we will be able to cover 50% of travel costs for students. Alongside our main aim courses, we offer Functional Skills in Maths and English to help individuals who didn’t reach their level 3 at GCSE. All enrichment activities such as field trips and sports activities are embedded into the course with no extra costs, as well as our military standard kit for the Learners.


To see what our academies get up to day to day, follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we regularly post and give an insight as to what our courses are like.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Have your say!

 Darnall Forum's mission is to do everything we can to ensure that Darnall is a fantastic place to live, work and play.  We cannot do this without your help.  

In the entrance to our offices (same entrance as the post office), we have put our Community Suggestions box.  There are suggestion slips for you to complete and post into the box.

We promise to look at every valid idea that people make.  Some of the ideas maybe projects that are all ready run in the area, if so, we will let you know.

Some ideas that get posted maybe ideas that would be better addressed through one of the other fantastic organisations that operate in Darnall, if so we will pass your ideas on.

We cannot promise that every idea will turn into a viable project.  The reason, for this, is funding and this is where your help comes in.  Funding bodies like to see that we are doing what the community wants and we have to provide evidence of this.  Your suggestion slips will help us provide that evidence.

We will not support any ideas that specifically promote any one religion, political or illegal activity.

It does not matter if your idea is big or small, but it does have to be something that supports the people of the Darnall Ward.

Monday, 19 April 2021

Census 2021

 Have you completed your census form?

If not and you need help then please come along on Friday 23rd April to Darnall Forum, where trained staff from the Office for National Statistics will be available between 1pm and 4pm to help you complete your form.  Social Distancing measures are in place.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Ramadan Kareem


This year, Ramadan is likely to begin on 12th April 2021 and will last until 12th May 2021 (depending on moon sightings). It is one of the holiest months of the Islamic calendar and a time where families abstain from pleasures and dedicate themselves to fast, pray and read the holy Quran.


With COVID19 lockdown restrictions still in place, 2021 Ramadan will be a very different experience for British Muslims. Whilst restrictions will be more relaxed compared to 2020, many of the usual practices normally observed such as going to the mosque for iftar and visiting friends and family indoors will sadly still not be possible this year. We have been preparing Ramadan Packs and distribution will start on the 1st of Ramadan. If you would like a pack or would like to donate food towards Ramadan packs please get in touch. 


Ramadan Kareem to all 

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Mental Health


Wednesday, 10 March 2021


 Hi everyone

You may have noticed that there is now a big button across our page that says 'Give as you Live' donate.  As a charity, we run on grants, contracts to perform certain services such as our Community Education programme and Employment service programme, as well as donations that we receive from members of the public.  These funds are vital for our continuing work within the community.

If you remember, from one of my previous posts, we teamed up with 'Give as you live' in order to generate funds through your online shopping, without any extra cost to you.  All you have to do is go to the 'Give as You Live' website, select Darnall Forum as your preferred charity and then continue to do your online shopping from over 400 stores listed, including sites like Amazon.  You shop in the normal way, checkout as normal and only pay for your shopping.  We then get a percentage of your shop value as a donation without it costing you anything.

Alternatively you can now click on the big DONATE button, and make a donation directly to us.  Either way is a fantastic way of generating funds for us and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have given us donations in the past.

Please help us in generating funds to keep our vital work going and helping us to work towards making our community a better place.



Covid Question and Answer session for the Somali Community and open to all


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Employment Support for the people of Darnall

 Hi everyone

I just wanted to remind you that Darnall Forum offer employment support to people over the age of 18 and who are not currently in work or who are economically inactive and have the right to work in the UK.

We offer this support through Sheffield City Council's Pathway to Success programme which is funded through the European Social Fund.

I can offer employability support in job searching, having a professional CV, Applications, Interviews and helping prepare you for the first few weeks of work.  I can also help in identifying and sourcing education and training opportunities as well as helping you develop in confidence and motivation.

We are still in a state of Lock Down, which means that all of the work is done remotely through telephone calls, email, video calls, but as soon as we are allowed to meet face-to -face, i will be back in the office to support you.

If you are interested then please give me a call or send me an email on 07888135429 and

I hope to speak to some of you soon.