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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Reply to the Anonymous Blogger

Someone has posted an anonymous message to the blog accusing us of concentrating on 'planters, fruit trees and "touchy feely" stuff' instead of the real issues which confront local people, and claiming that the trustees are not local residents.

Actually, all but one of our trustees live in Darnall. The one trustee who does not live locally works for East End Quality of Life, and has been involved in environmental and community work in Darnall for many years.

The blogger correctly forecast that his, or her, message would not be published. This is because it is anonymous. Tell us who you are, and we will be happy to publish your post. This site does not accept anonymous messages of any kind.

Neil Bishop


Anonymous said...

As a Darnall resident I too feel that the Darnall Forum does not confront the real issues of Darnall, I also feel that being white,working and male,The Darnall Forum has very little to offer me.If you wish to contact me regarding this, email

Andy Ashmore said...

I believe the Darnall Forum is part of the 'Common Purpose' agenda running through this country.
It is supposedly a charity, yet gets funding from the council taxpayers AND the EU (very worrying).
The usual middle class busy-bodies will be running things, no doubt.

Andy Ashmore said...

'East End Quality Of Life' : another bloody quango/collection of people with non-jobs, eating away at taxpayer money.

Darnall Forum said...

Darnall Resident, we do our best. Why not come to a community meeting to air your views? The next one is tonight at the Church of Christ at 6.30pm, specifically to talk about the proposals for new permanent facilities for Travellers in Darnall. However, there will also be a general meeting on Thursday 24 June at 10am.

Andy, we are nothing to do with Common Purpose.

You need to make your comments about East End Quality of Life direct to them. They have their own website. We are not directly connected to them, however our Trustees often express support for their activities and campaigns. For example, they do a lot of work to monitor and try to improve air quality, which causes a lot of ill health. The Forum joined them in opposing an extension of the Asda Superstore because it would have caused more traffic to build up in Handsworth, and therefore more dangerous traffic fumes in the Don Valley, including Darnall.