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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Up-Coming Community Meetings

Tonight at 8pm there will be a meeting at the Church of Christ on Main Road Darnall to discuss proposals to site a permanent car park for Travellers in Darnall.

The next general community meeting will be held on Thursday 24 June at 10am. The venue is to be confirmed. The main item for discussion will be planning issues, including the future of Darnall Centre.


Darnall Resident said...

Why hold meetings at 10am in the morning? Are not the working,tax paying members of the Darnall community allowed to have a say or attend these meeting without missing work?

Darnall Forum said...

Most of our meetings are held in the evening but the City Council wants access to meetings to be widened to include people who might not wish to go out at night - parents caring for young children, older people, etc.. This is why we are holding a daytime meeting, to see if this encourages different people to attend. Rest assured that there will still be regular evening meetings like the one on Tuesday night.

Darnall Resident said...

How about meetings on a Saturday afternoon for example, that has got to be prime time to reach the WHOLE of the community and not just those you prefer to pamper! A well advertised meeting in the church near the council office would be a great start.