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Monday, 16 January 2012

Please Join us for a Community Meeting on Wednesday 25 January at 7pm

We’ll Discuss Parking Problems Caused By Tenants of Davy Markham and the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ Campaign for Staniforth Road

Please join us for a community meeting with your three local councillors on Wednesday 25 January at 7pm at Darnall Forum, next-door to the post office. The meeting will report on the progress that has been made in tackling on-street parking by tenants of the Davy Markham office block at 722 Prince of Wales Road.

The meeting will also consider proposal to create a Twenty’s Plenty zone in the streets around Staniforth Road. Darnall has historically been a neighbourhood where there was a higher than average number of road accidents involving children. Twenty’s Plenty is an initiative which is designed to make local streets a safer place for children to play, run errands and visit their friends and family.
There will also be a chance to raise any other issues which you are concerned about.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Parking still as worse than ever on Halsall road, If a fire engine/ambulance had to visit the today they would have no chance of getting up the road as they are all double parked...again!!Q