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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Adult Community Learning In Darnall Is Now Under Threat

The government is planning to save money by making further cuts to its budget for adult community learning. This could mean the end of IT, ESOL and other classes in Darnall.

Already, besides our post office, adult community learning is the most popular service we provide. We regularly have a waiting list for our courses and some learners have to wait for a whole year before they can join the class they want to attend.

The latest cuts, which would see money switched from adult community learning to apprenticeships, will mean fewer classes and even longer waiting lists. It is possible that the service could be closed down completely.

Why not ask your councillors and your MP, Clive Betts, to complain to the government about these cuts? Why not write to the Prime Minister, telling him that without locally based community learning you and your family won't have the skills you need to play a full part as citizens of Sheffield and the UK?


Darnall Resident said...

Can Darnall Forum please post the source of information stating that funding for the classes in Darnall will be cut?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if there will be any community meetings/ council meetings to address these cuts?

Darnall Forum said...

There are none planned at present.

Darnall Forum said...

Holex wrote in a memo dated 16 September 2015, "At the end of last month the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) announced an in-year funding cut to adult skills funding of 3.9% and an end to mandated ESOL funding..."

A lot of our classes are for ESOL.