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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Update on the Darnall Green Spaces Fly-tipping Project

Unfortunately we have heard from the Greggs' Environmental Grants Programme that the Darnall Environment Forum's Green Spaces Project to reduce fly-tipping in Darnall does not meet their environmental priorities. They said, "We read your application with interest, but ... whilst the value of the work was recognised, it scored below the required standard in one or more of our priority areas." We got a similar response from the Tesco Bags of Help Fund.

We know how important this issue is to local residents and we didn't want you to think that we are doing nothing about it. A great deal of effort goes into funding applications of this kind. However, funders are entitled to choose their own priorities and we are wondering whether fly tipping is actually something which interests them. The Environment Forum will rethink its approach to tackling this issue and consider what other avenues to pursue.


Darnall Resident said...

Why not get temporary CCTV cameras in the flytipping hotspots of Darnall like the corner of Fisher Lane and Irving Street to record and prosecute fly tippers to the maximum the law allows? The cost of the fines will outweigh the costs of the court action. Any savvy local councillor would be aiming for this type of action.

Darnall Forum said...

You will need to ask the councillors about that. It's not something a charity could get funding to do.